Friday, December 28, 2012

Ultra Warriors No.2- Ultra Seven~

Another Ultra Warriors from Nebula M-78, Ultra Seven. The Second Ultraman in Ultra Series.
Transform by a glasses call "Ultra Eye". His special transformation action, attack move and more make him become a famous Ultraman too~

His most well-known weapon, Eye Slugger~

His also an "boss level" Ultraman for now, so hes got a cape too~=)

Download the Template:

All Stuff

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Crayon Shin-Chan Series Part 2- Papa, Mama and Himawari~

Continue with Crayon Shin-Chan post before~
Here is the link of the post of Shin-Chan and Shiro:

We can't let the happy family Incompletely, now I replace Shin-Chan's family compleley~

Download the template~
Papa~ Nohara Hiroshi

Mama Misae and baby daughter


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Light Giant Hero: ULTRAMAN

Ultraman, All the kids Greatest Japanese Hero Character. An Giant Alien from Planet M78 came to Earth beat Monsters to protect people. Ultraman Series is the Best Japanese Heroes show I ever seen~ really~~

The First Ultraman I designed with's Contender Template. After that, I designed an extra Cape for it.

With Cape~ Feel like the Boss~

All Stuff... Sorry about those word back of the Template.. I won't waste paper ;)

Download the Template

Down there I will show you The Cape Tutorial:

I will get into the college soon =) I Afraid I won't get too much time in Papercraft Design, but I won't let this website cover by Dust~