Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Buz...Buz..Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue~

First, sorry about my late to continue post out the template. I know some guys are expecting for the Buzz Lightyear template. I apologize I had late few months to post out Buzz. Buzz had stored in my pen-drive few months ago because of my personal reason. At last, Here is the Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear~~

It's a totally different with those papercraft I designed before, It's round shape, no more any straight line or square face. It had split to many parts in the template. So it's little harder for crafting...

Others, I have designed it with a little machine on it's back. His wings which hide in his jetpack can be opened easily. 

I have designed Buzz to Two different size. One is big size, another is small size. The small size Buzz is the same height with the Woody Cowboy I designed before. There are two choices for you to choose the size you like.  
They just like Father and son when they are put together...== The Small Buzz is very cute~

Download the Templates
Big Size:

Small Size:

Like I said before, It's little harder on making. If you have no idea how to make them. Here is the tutorial video I directed. Hope it can give you some help.
Youtube Channel: (I got typo error on the link, after type in, I can't change any more...==)

Part 1(Head, Upper Body and Arms):

Part 2(Lower body and legs):

Part 3(Jetpack):

These video that I captured few months ago... In those months, I have finished my English improving class in my college. I'm not get expert in English, but better in my English. When I look back to these videos after those month, I realize how bad in my English before....==... But I had captured, I can't do it again... So I had added some subtitle to notice you some mistakes I had done in the video.
These videos was done not very well, I felt little nervous when I direct my first set of tutorial video....Hope it can gives you help. I will do better next time.
Please correct my mistakes thought comment or message if you can. Thank you very much~

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