Sunday, October 28, 2012

Event: 2012 CPSS Societies exhibition of achievements

I'm spend a lot of time in my paper toys present for My school's two society I loved~
27/10/12~ Is the day of my school Societies Exhibition, My work showed to schoolmates~
I had Joined two Societies, one is Art Society, another is Technical group (The most busiest service organization in school) I had created specially for Technical group.

In the part of Art Society(The Society of the longest time I joined), Of cause they show out their Art work~, So I'm bring out my Paper Toys I made and created before to show=) Special thanks for Paper Toy and Kamen Rider Art ~

My Display Area~

Behind my display area...==

 Been Defeated by a Junior little girl...==

Kamen Riders. "RIDER TACHI"~

The Dark Knight Rises

Now, My turn~

Someone Added a photo from newspaper...==

Work in Progress, Winnie The Pooh Family~ Coming Soon~
Exclusive in CPSS Art Society~ Pooh and Tigger
After I designed Character Eeyore and Piglet, I will Allow to Release Templates in Boxes-Header Workshop for Everyone to free Download~ XD

Next Part, Technical Group, the group are always busy in school's Shows, the group of accept a lot of experience.
I design their personal paper toy for the members and teachers of the pariod I joined in this group. All 38 people I made~ and the worse Cover we made without experience...==
HaHa~ This is ME~!! XD

Whole day of exhibition,  I have a meeting of  graduation ceremony cause I didn't attend, I getting Graduate~ XD
I can't see the response about them, but my friends told me their response is good~ Whole Society's Focus~ XD

Go to my Facebook Page for more Details~ XD

I will design more Paper Toys for everyone~ Please Wait~XD

Monday, October 15, 2012

Successful Experiment

I designed a Movable Paper Toy~ Now on Testing status~

It's Hand, Legs can move as the range it can do, its little legs are not easy to be stand, but It can do it~ And I will find a way to fix the standing problem.

There is a sample~
Stand Straight

Its legs can Move up, Move back, and expand. So it can stand with different poses.

Sit down! Split up~

Its Little hands I designed round circle Joints for it, so its hand can spin around with the joint up and down.
Say Hi~ And Good Bye~

This Paper Toy design still unperfect, but its sucess~ Fix it little bit will be a perfect template~
I will design paper toys with this template~ There will be more Flexible paper toy~ =)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Testing New Template I created~ =)
More I need to test and create, There will take me some time =\

Monday, October 8, 2012

Daisuki~ Doraemon~ O(__''__)o

Doraemon, A famous Japanese Comic or Anime series since 1969. Its already over 4 decades~!
This year is its 100 years before it born, mean after future 100 years, it will born~ =)
Through my friends request and my own desire, I designed Doraemon and its friends papercraft~ The Doraemon Series Paper Toys by Boxes- Header Workshop~ XD

Everyone has a "Flying Gadget", one of a general Gadget in Doraemon Comics. Japanese Call "takekoputa" on their heads~ If you don't like them, you can put them off.

Download Those Templates
Haha~ Square head Doraemon~


Shizuka, she looks fat... =\


Suneo~ the most difficult design in the series...

After that, there are some Tips and tutorial to show for you guys.
The general small item in this series, "takekoputa", its small but not hard to be make.
Follow the instruction I show you down there.\

After "takekoputa", here got Suneo's head tutorial~

Insert Shizuka's hairs like this

Enjoy your Papercrafting~ ;)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Coming Soon~ The Unbelievable Pocket~

It will born after 100 years~
It and its friends will come out from Boxes-Header Workshop soon~ Please Wait...=)