Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Shot~ Gangnam Style~! O3O

Through my brother's request, the first Paper Toy I designed is The Most Famous Korean Artist from now in the world: PSY in Oppa Gangnam Style Music Video~ Yay, It's really a crazy video, real fun~~

The Cowboy

The Horse Back

The face without Glasses

Just look like him, right~

Download The Template
This Template is difference with other template, I edited his body to more wider for more look like fat guy, added more joint to his hands for more actions move he can do. 

Here is my first Shot, I will post out more Paper Craft Template for you guys, but not frequently, I still a student, my final secondary school examination is coming soon =\ I'm in WAR~!!!! sorry about that...

I will post some Tips and Tutorial for Paper Crafting~ Hope you guys enjoy it~ Oppa Gangnam Style~

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  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: PSY Gangnam Style Free Paper Toy