Sunday, August 26, 2012

Get it Starting

This website is about sharing paper craft concept template design by myself for free to download or from another website. My paper craft design is about movies, artists, video games, anime or cartoon characters, personal and more. In addition to, I will edit those paper craft concepts from another website. For the example the Catwomen concept from Paper Toy like the pics below.

Original hair style design.

After I edited 

My design will according to the template from Paper Toy Thanks for them to sharing out their Amazing template to give us a big help~

Personal concept making by myself

A litter gift I designed for my friend.

My Paper Craft Collection~

You can check out those links down for more Amazing paper craft template~
For Movies, Comics, Video Games Character

For Kamen Riders

For Toys

That's all I found, if you guys found any Amazing websites too, you can share it on my Facebook Like page:   and please give me a like~ thanks~ =)

Before I create this website, I had wrote a blog for my personal before. The blog I wrote is about my life, my art, my gameplay video and more. But it already closed by myself because of my personal reason. But you still can visit it for check out my gameplay video and arts, Here is the link: You can also check out my YouTube channel:, obviously I'm Assassin's Creed fan~
You can also check my Picasa page: 

Forgive my broken English, I improving~
I will share out my Paper Craft Design later, Thanks for support~ =)


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