Friday, August 31, 2012

Tips, Tutorial~ =)

Many people asked me how we make Paper Craft. Actually it is easy to make =)
You can go to to check out a professional tutorial.

After that, I will show you my way to make a paper craft. Before you start to make, of cause you have to print out your template. Paper Toy is suggesting we use 120gsm A4 paper because it is more harder and more suitable for making Paper Craft. But many people are usually using 70gsm for printing, that is too soft, not suitable for Paper Crafting, and some printer are not support 120gsm paper. If want people to buy equipments specially for paper crafting, they will think it is wasting money, even they are no money like me, then they will lazy to buy...(That what are those people thinking from now...) So just use other "D.I.Y" ways to make your Paper Craft more perfect by using 70gsm paper template, make it by using tools and equipments you can find them in your home, and I will show you now~

First, after you printed out template, prepare your Cut and paste Tools: Knife or Blade, scissors, adhesive, Double-sided adhesive tape. For me blade and Double-sided adhesive tape are enough, Blade is more flexible than scissors, scissors just for me to cut out the tapes. Even if UHU adhesive is more flexible and more adhesive than Tapes, but if we did a wrong move by using UHU adhesive, then it will like "Oh my God"... Wipe out.... So I suggest using Tape, for me UHU adhesive just using on the place if Tapes are useless to joint part to part. (Forgive my Cheap cell-phone 5mp camera.....)

Next, prepare your template. If using 70gsm paper, add a hard paper below to cut out your template. Example: Drawing paper, Useless Book Cover, or any harder and thick paper surface.   

Use Clip or Masking Tape to lock down template position for make sure the template are not gonna move out when we cutting. 

I suggest to use Making Tape to do this, like I said before, it is more flexible~ and Making tape is easily to take off and reuse it until not sticky. And save your under cover paper space, save space, save money and make more paper toy~ =)

Then, Cut it out together with under cover paper. Remember to cover a surface before you cut~ If not you will hurt your lovely table surface..... 

Next move, use Double-sided adhesive tape to tape on the under cover harder paper. 
Tips: Tape them on Exterior angle are enough, because only exterior angle can easy to be opened like this. So just tape on those angle are enough to lock down the template. 

My friend was used a glue stick for paste the template, but after the glue dried template may drop off.

After that step, Paste the template carefully, nicely (Sorry for I forgot to take a photo of after pasted.)
Tips: Cut out the slip before you fold.
Little Slip Cutting Tips: I suggest you guys don't just cut one little crack for slip. If just cut a little crack on it, you with get problem when you insert hands or another joint parts. I suggest to cut those slips like the picture below. Then you can insert the part smoothly.

Finally, Fold them after all, joint the flaps with Double-sided adhesive tape are enough, if not so sticky then we use adhesive. 

And Done your work~ 
PSY- Oppa Gangnam Style~ Download the template in previous post~

Tips: Head Cover, Coat, Cloak and small parts item are doeas not need to use Hard paper to cover. If Head cover like helmet, hair or hat use hard paper cover when we insert to the toy will have some problem.

But Weapons are need to be harder and tough~ =)
In the end, If we use 120gsm paper to make paper Craft will can skip more steps above, save time, save equipmnet by the way~

That is the Tips and Tutorial I showed to you guys, Hope you enjoy your Paper Crafting, keep Follow my page will get more information for this page=) If got any question can comment in here or leave me a message in my facebook Like Page~
Thank You~ =)


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