Sunday, September 2, 2012

Links Share~ ;)

I found others Paper Toys bloggers from Paper Toy

No. 1

Yay, He really Pro-designer =) And I don't know where his come from...== (Sorry, I don't what kind of language in there.... Russian? Italian? I guess he is from Europe...)

Next, My fellow citizen~ reyenyson, A Malaysian~

"Kertas" mean paper in Malay, he got many personal Designed Templates, Football Stars, Comics Characters and more=) check it out~ =)

There are the links I shared to you guys today=) If' have any question, you can comment on any websites of Boxes-Header include this blog, or leave me a message on my facebook page:

I got my next template in my mind, I hope I can post it as fast I can.... Enjoy your paper crafting~
Thank you =) 

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