Friday, December 28, 2012

Ultra Warriors No.2- Ultra Seven~

Another Ultra Warriors from Nebula M-78, Ultra Seven. The Second Ultraman in Ultra Series.
Transform by a glasses call "Ultra Eye". His special transformation action, attack move and more make him become a famous Ultraman too~

His most well-known weapon, Eye Slugger~

His also an "boss level" Ultraman for now, so hes got a cape too~=)

Download the Template:

All Stuff

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Crayon Shin-Chan Series Part 2- Papa, Mama and Himawari~

Continue with Crayon Shin-Chan post before~
Here is the link of the post of Shin-Chan and Shiro:

We can't let the happy family Incompletely, now I replace Shin-Chan's family compleley~

Download the template~
Papa~ Nohara Hiroshi

Mama Misae and baby daughter


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Light Giant Hero: ULTRAMAN

Ultraman, All the kids Greatest Japanese Hero Character. An Giant Alien from Planet M78 came to Earth beat Monsters to protect people. Ultraman Series is the Best Japanese Heroes show I ever seen~ really~~

The First Ultraman I designed with's Contender Template. After that, I designed an extra Cape for it.

With Cape~ Feel like the Boss~

All Stuff... Sorry about those word back of the Template.. I won't waste paper ;)

Download the Template

Down there I will show you The Cape Tutorial:

I will get into the college soon =) I Afraid I won't get too much time in Papercraft Design, but I won't let this website cover by Dust~

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Kitty (0 0)

Before Famous Mouses, now famous Kitty~
Hello Kitty~ Girls crazy with it~

There you are, Girls. And Boys, make one for your lovely Girl~
Download the Template~

Enjoy you Paper crafting~=)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mickey and Minnie Mouse~

Disney classic characters~ Mickey and Minnie Mouse~ Whole world know who are they~
A pair of old mouses created in 1928 still young like teenagers...==

These Mickey and Minnie Papercraft I created in old style, but not completely black and white template, but you can print them in black and white if you want a completely old style Mickey and Minnie~ =)


Download the Template~


Download the Template~

Husband and wife~ <3 Lovely Forever~

Monday, November 12, 2012

Smart Child~ Crayon Shin-chan & Shiro (0o0)

A Famous Japanese Anime Character, Crayon Shin-chan~ A Funny smart kindergarten boy with his happy Family and friends, such a funny and happy family story have been told since I was a child until now =) One of great part in my childhood =)

Shin-chan Papercraft I designed with Rondo Outline Template~

And his lovely dog, Shiro~

It is Cute~ XD

Download the Template~ =)

The other, I miss Shin-Chan first season Opening so much~ but I can't find the TV version Opening MV in YouTube, just only can find the full song without video... Can anyone tell me where can find it?


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disney: Winnie The Pooh~

Through a Friend of Winnie The Pooh lovely Fan request, I designed Four Winnie The Pooh Major Character. =)
This time I wished to design them in Cutie Style, so all the templates almost I designed and edited my own, there have little challenge, but much more Experience I got~  

The Winnie The Pooh Family~

Before This post, I had showed Pooh and Tigger Exclusively in my secondary school societies exhibition of achievement =)

You can see the Pooh was in the exhibition was small hands, quite weird looks like....
After that I adjusted them to an acceptable size~


Download The Template~ =)


Download The Template~ =)

Tigger's head little Making Tips:


Download The Template~ =)


This Template Designed by my own, I tried my best to make it perfect...

After experiments...
"Fail" Eeyore VS "Successful" Eeyore

Download The Template~ =)

Insert all SMALL ITEMS before you folding and gluing 

Actually I'm not really know about Winnie the Pooh... I just know it is cute, classic, and famous character in Disney...=/
Most of my Childhood are Asia Anime and Tokusatsu... In there still have some space of Western Cartoon, but not much...

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More Templates I working on~ They are Coming Soon~ =)