Sunday, October 28, 2012

Event: 2012 CPSS Societies exhibition of achievements

I'm spend a lot of time in my paper toys present for My school's two society I loved~
27/10/12~ Is the day of my school Societies Exhibition, My work showed to schoolmates~
I had Joined two Societies, one is Art Society, another is Technical group (The most busiest service organization in school) I had created specially for Technical group.

In the part of Art Society(The Society of the longest time I joined), Of cause they show out their Art work~, So I'm bring out my Paper Toys I made and created before to show=) Special thanks for Paper Toy and Kamen Rider Art ~

My Display Area~

Behind my display area...==

 Been Defeated by a Junior little girl...==

Kamen Riders. "RIDER TACHI"~

The Dark Knight Rises

Now, My turn~

Someone Added a photo from newspaper...==

Work in Progress, Winnie The Pooh Family~ Coming Soon~
Exclusive in CPSS Art Society~ Pooh and Tigger
After I designed Character Eeyore and Piglet, I will Allow to Release Templates in Boxes-Header Workshop for Everyone to free Download~ XD

Next Part, Technical Group, the group are always busy in school's Shows, the group of accept a lot of experience.
I design their personal paper toy for the members and teachers of the pariod I joined in this group. All 38 people I made~ and the worse Cover we made without experience...==
HaHa~ This is ME~!! XD

Whole day of exhibition,  I have a meeting of  graduation ceremony cause I didn't attend, I getting Graduate~ XD
I can't see the response about them, but my friends told me their response is good~ Whole Society's Focus~ XD

Go to my Facebook Page for more Details~ XD

I will design more Paper Toys for everyone~ Please Wait~XD

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