Sunday, November 4, 2012

Event: Graduation Ceremony

My High-school life ended, Ceremony and Dinner Party Such the most Unforgettable, Wonderful and prefect Memories in my maid... Cry like a bitch in the end... Good bye my friends, school, everything...
I Set them on the speech stage in dinner party~ 
So, let's get to the point ! I show off my special "Graduate" paper toys in Graduation Ceremony with Our Graduation self-create song MV... They are very talented students, created a great song like a real musical and single. This song made great memories for every graduate students.. Of cause it is Chinese, Our school is Chinese Private Secondary School~

These Paper toys I created in the movable template I created before. 
According to Our School old uniform design (Junior Students changed new uniform...)

 Emotion changing available

Sharing Sadness with Happiness with each other....

Put them in my chest pocket~
There are no Template available to download, because there are 100% freehand make work~ =)

Let's check out the graduation song MV directed by +x.1129 ~XD

Haha~ It's great, right~ You can check out +x.1129's YouTube channel for more CPSS activities video directed by him~ very talented video-maker~

My paper toys just use for ornament, The point inside is the song~ ;)
Happy Graduation~ XD

The Other, When we graduate, One of my lovely friend had immigrated to Australia last year was came to Malaysia for us~ XD
I missed a chance for give her a birthday present this year, now she came back~ There is the chance I give her~
A Paper toy girl like her wearing "Welcome Back" T-shirt, short-pants, a dog, a cat~ and a box I design it specially. =)

Welcome back~ ;)

No template available to download too~ Not freehand work, is because this is only for her~ ;)

After graduate, I will keep follow up my Paper Toys work~
There is the List I wish to do...@@

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