Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disney: Winnie The Pooh~

Through a Friend of Winnie The Pooh lovely Fan request, I designed Four Winnie The Pooh Major Character. =)
This time I wished to design them in Cutie Style, so all the templates almost I designed and edited my own, there have little challenge, but much more Experience I got~  

The Winnie The Pooh Family~

Before This post, I had showed Pooh and Tigger Exclusively in my secondary school societies exhibition of achievement =)

You can see the Pooh was in the exhibition was small hands, quite weird looks like....
After that I adjusted them to an acceptable size~


Download The Template~ =)


Download The Template~ =)

Tigger's head little Making Tips:


Download The Template~ =)


This Template Designed by my own, I tried my best to make it perfect...

After experiments...
"Fail" Eeyore VS "Successful" Eeyore

Download The Template~ =)

Insert all SMALL ITEMS before you folding and gluing 

Actually I'm not really know about Winnie the Pooh... I just know it is cute, classic, and famous character in Disney...=/
Most of my Childhood are Asia Anime and Tokusatsu... In there still have some space of Western Cartoon, but not much...

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More Templates I working on~ They are Coming Soon~ =)


  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: Disney: Winnie The Pooh Family Free Paper Toys

  2. they look awesome! i'm going to try them out!

  3. OMG,,i've been looking for poor papercraft for ages.. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

  4. thanks for the posting.. I will try to make it.. awesome ^_^

  5. how to download the templates??