Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everyday I'm Shuffling~ LMFAO Shuffle Bot~ [OO]

New Paper Toy~ this time Role in Party too~ Sorry for party rocking~

Let's Party Rock~
Yay, I know is guy in LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem MV, he's quite cool, popular character in LMFAO's MVs, and he got a square head (easy for design), so I decide to make him~ 
Even if his head is easy to been made, but I designed this paper toy multiple option for his body~
You can select him to just wear a "Everyday I'm Shuffling" Sleeveless, a Beat Rock Vest, or Jacket/Coat. That's your choices~ =)
I also Designed a pink LMFAO's logo cap for him, you take the cap off too~ but the "Everyday I'm Shuffling" Sleeveless, LMFAO's logo Chain, and "Party Rock" Shoes are already set inside... 
There are more detail design in there~ Download The Template and make it for look clearer~ 
There is some Tips of those small ears, follow the instruction from the Picture down there. First, after cut them off, fold the middle line outward, and fold the long flaps inward, joint them together with the circle part, glue or tape on the back of the circle part. Finally, insert them into the head. Done~

I found another Shuffle Bot Paper toy template in
This is 'The Sexy and I know it" style~ I use it for my design's reference~

Next templates are in mind, but I need to get into my "War Zone", Maybe those Template will late to release ... Hope you guys can forgive...=/ But next Templates are not Music video Characters anymore~

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