Monday, October 8, 2012

Daisuki~ Doraemon~ O(__''__)o

Doraemon, A famous Japanese Comic or Anime series since 1969. Its already over 4 decades~!
This year is its 100 years before it born, mean after future 100 years, it will born~ =)
Through my friends request and my own desire, I designed Doraemon and its friends papercraft~ The Doraemon Series Paper Toys by Boxes- Header Workshop~ XD

Everyone has a "Flying Gadget", one of a general Gadget in Doraemon Comics. Japanese Call "takekoputa" on their heads~ If you don't like them, you can put them off.

Download Those Templates
Haha~ Square head Doraemon~


Shizuka, she looks fat... =\


Suneo~ the most difficult design in the series...

After that, there are some Tips and tutorial to show for you guys.
The general small item in this series, "takekoputa", its small but not hard to be make.
Follow the instruction I show you down there.\

After "takekoputa", here got Suneo's head tutorial~

Insert Shizuka's hairs like this

Enjoy your Papercrafting~ ;)

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