Monday, May 6, 2013

505 - Malaysia 13th General Election Monument

5/5/13 was a day that Malaysian full of hope to change better for their future. But someone had destroyed the human rights, freedom, democracy, even justice of Malaysia. They did dirty trick like ghost voters, change votes, money bribe, violence, and the biggest cheating trick- Blackout Magic in the election. Such a biggest scam obviously right in front of people eyes.Why they do that? Because they afraid after change their crime will get punishment. They deprive people benefit to fulfill them-self, corruption, even homicide and more crimes that people can't ever tolerate. Our Heroes had tried their best, we had pulled full power to fight back, but we can't defeat those dirty trick that our government done.
5/5/13 is the darkest day for Malaysia. People must remember what happened in that day, what have our government done for the people, and what our heroes has paid for people.... You won your places, but you wouldn't win heart of Malaysian. Your act already light up a fire in our heart, Nowadays, there is only one feeling inside Malaysian is anger. We wouldn't be afraid to the darkness, this fire will blow out the darkness, we are ready to rise....

This is the prototype version I made, that I paint it with black water color.(If I just print it by my printer, my black ink sure flat out...==)

The Hand mean ghost voters make ghost votes. Actually I want to wrote "Ghost Voters" on the hand, but after done I realize that I missed "R"...== No Big Deal, "votes" also can...

Dirty Election Destroyed our democracy, It haven't been killed. It still inside our heart.

Blackout Magic, one of the trick they use to destroy our democracy. The most well-known trick in this election.

The version that I allow for you to download is the complete version. It is not much different with the prototype version, just modify little. All parts are designed to double side, because I want this monument is completely in black, so that cause so many pages of the template. I suggest you just use low GSM paper to make it, that's enough. Because it designed double-side, every part we have to fold it together to one piece. so just use 80gsm~100gsm of paper that's enough. It you want to make a prototype version that I done, That's mean the all templates are in white, you can leave a message to me, then I can do you a flavor.

People you can download this Papercraft, no big deal, This is a public event. I think this event also is the hottest news oversea of Malaysia. Pray for our Freedom... Thank you.

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