Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bullseye the horse~

Leave the blog in the dust almost 3 months.... even more than that... Finally I have a chance to continue my post during sem-break... What a busy college life I have now....=="...

Talk about toys, Woody, Buzz, Jessie. And Bullseye finally join the family~ It was actually be done in half in the year ago... It took me a lot of time for it, but not more than Buzz.

I'm feel a little bit proud for this, cuase this bullseye have be constructed very well=) It can be stood very well and easily, and it's leg can be swing smoothly, just like cloth doll in the movie~

As you can see, even Bullseye is construct with curves and round... but compare with Buzz, Bullseye is more easier to be assembled.

Here is the template for free download~

There is a tutorial video too~
Here is my Youtube channel link....
There is some typo error on my link.... Unfortunately, once wrong type, can't change any more....== 

I know.....English suck.... a few wrong pronouncements inside.... This video captured almost half of the year.... Edited at last week.... Even me can't understand myself....==" Luckily, my college life brought me into "English environment".... if not, I will never know how suck in my english....

Yay, finally a complete set of Toy story series had already done for posting(Maybe have some add-on in future...)
I will not end my post, but I still have to say I will not add new post frequently.... I try to arrange out some free time to run on papercraft... cause college life make me mad....=="... Good luck to me...

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